Plot History

I am so proud of the 141 plots that I’ve written over the last 39 years. Often regular customers chat to us afterwards and refer fondly to various themes that they’ve been on, and ask when they were. As all my friends know I have a memory like a sieve, so I thought it would be a great idea to put the list on our website as a ready-referral for interested sleuths.


No. Date Plot name Plot theme
1 01/10/81 MANOR PROPERTIES Company Christmas Function
2 01/10/82 PRINCE COLLEGE 1 School Reunion for ex-pupils
3 01/01/83 PRINCE COLLEGE 11 School Fundraising for teachers/pupils/parents
4 01/05/83 WEDDING PLOT Society Wedding
5 01/08/83 VOODOO PLOT Sugar Refining Manufacturers AGM launch
6 Oct-Jan 84 PRINCE COLLEGE 111 School Reunion-continuation of first one 01/10/1982
7 Jan-Mar 84 PATRICK O’CONNELL Will Reading of wealthy philanthropist
8 01/01/84 WEDDING (USA) American society Wedding
9 May-Jun 84 DOCKSIDE TV Soap Fan Weekend for actors/crew and fans
10 01/06/84 WILL (USA) Will Reading of American Industrialist
11 Aug-Oct 84 OSSIE KLEIN Designers Collection Launch
12 Oct-Nov 84 QUEEN MARY’S College Fund-raising
13 01/11/84 THE REUNION Regular Guests Spoof
14 01/01/85 PRINCESS COLLEGE School Reunion
15 Jan-May 85 MADE IN HEAVEN 1 Marriage Bureau Social weekend for singles
16 01/03/85 XMAS 1940 Xmas 1940
17 Jun-Oct 85 HEART AWARDS Theatrical Awards for actors/directors/back stage etc
18 Oct-Dec 85 HUNTLEY HALL Ruby Wedding Anniversary of Lord & Lady Huntley
19 Jan-Mar 86 MERVYN PRENDEGAST Famous Crime Author Memorial Weekend for fans
20 Apr-Aug 86 DOCKSIDE II TV Soap Fan Gathering to meet actors
21 Sep-Nov 86 WHITES Shop like Harrods. Best Customers Incentive Weekend
22 Nov-Dec 86 TIBBS Pools Winners inviting all family and friends
23 Jan-Apr 87 MADE IN HEAVEN II Marriage Bureau
24 Apr-May 87 VIVENNE GILLARD Authoresses Memorial weekend for family & friends
25 Jun-Oct 87 PORRIDGE CLUB Ex-Prisoners Rehabilitation Assoc.
26 Nov-Dec 87 GOLDEN PIPE AWARDS Awards for a series of Sherlock Holmes Plays On Radio
27 Jan-Mar 88 WHITES Shop Employees Christmas Thank You
28 Apr-Jun 88 MISTRESS GREENS Sweet Shop Customers Incentive Weekend
29 Jul-Oct 88 WAY WE WERE Political Party Launch
30 Oct-Dec 88 KING BROTHERS Family Circus Closure - appeal to raise money
31 Jan-Mar 89 HARDACRE HAMPERS Xmas Hampers Firm Thank you to employees
32 Mar-Jun 89 GOLDEN QUILL Writers Awards
33 01/08/89 THE WEDDING AT LAINSTON HOUSE Specially written Murder Weekend for ITV
34 Jun-Sept 89 QUIZICALS TV Quiz Show Winners Reunion
35 Oct-Nov 89 PEACH Society for Phobics - Weekend for members
36 Dec-Mar 90 YELLOWLEES Zoo Closure - last Hurrah party for owners/employees
37 Mar-Jun 90 RITCHIE BLUES Jailed Pop Star Promo
38 Jun-Aug 90 HONORE BUTTE Midwifes Retirement - all her babies invited
39 Sep-Nov 90 PIGS Platoon of Intrepid Green Saviors (like Greenpeace)
40 Dec-Mar 91 RUMLEY SCHOOL School Reunion
41 Mar-Jul 91 SPIRITS Spirits & Psychics Gathering for Psychic Fair
42 Jul-Oct 91 JOSH SPEAKMAN Advertising Supremo's Memorial
43 Oct-Dec 91 OWLLS Older & Wiser & Looking for Love (Dating Agency)
44 Dec-Mar 92 DOMINOES Toy Manufacturers - thank you staff for work pre Xmas
45 Apr-Jun 92 CATS Charity for All Threatened Species
46 Jul-Sept 92 TIME Prisoners Self Help Group (criminals Fraternity)
47 Oct-Dec 92 OLD GOLDONIANS Record Breakers Club
48 Jan-Mar 93 G I JOES American Nightclub Re-Opening Jamboree
49 Apr-Jun 93 LOTTIE GOODMAN T V Chef Retirement (like Delia/ Fanny)
50 Jul-Sept 93 FROGGATTS CAMP Holiday Camp Closure - for staff & customers
51 Oct-Dec 93 CLEMENTS FAIR Fairground Family
52 Jan-Apr 94 HIPPO Pantomime Performers
53 Apr-Jun 94 ECHO Newspaper Magnate's Memorial Gathering
54 Jun-Oct 94 JOSH SPEAKMAN Ad Man's Memorial
55 Oct-Dec 94 LUCKY CLUB Lucky Peoples Club
56 Jan-Apr 95 WHITES EMPORIUM II Stores Best Customers-Incentive Weekend
57 May-Sep 95 POLITE SOCIETY Society for Improving Manners
58 Oct-Dec 95 JASPER HULME Memorial weekend for Jasper's family and friends
59 Jan-Apr 96 SUNBEAM HOME Orphanage Reunion for adults who were orphans there
60 Apr-Sept 96 FUNNY FARM Laughter Therapy
61 Oct-Nov 96 HEART AWARDS Literary Awards
62 Dec-Mar 97 MISTRESS GREEN II Sweet Makers Convention
63 Mar-Aug 97 GLOVERS CLAN Family Reunion
64 Oct-Dec 97 STARS IN THE PINK Club Entertainers Agency
65 Jan-Apr 98 RITCHIE BLUES II Rock Star In Prison
66 May-Aug 98 VALENTINES Dating Agency
67 Sept-Jan 99 WINNERS Lottery Winners Get Together
68 Jan-Apr 99 CARRY ON TITANIC Carry On Titanic - Post Production Party for crew/actors
69 Apr-Aug 99 ANGEL AWARDS Charitable Award Ceremony
70 Sept-Dec 99 M.M.O.O.D.S Positive Thinking Society/Life coaching
71 Jan-Apr 00 BLACKLEIGHS Teacher Training College Student Reunion
72 Apr-Sept 00 S.H.R.E.W.S. Suburban Housewives Reclaiming Earth's Wealth Society
73 Sept-Dec 00 B.I.G. SOCIETY Britain is Great Society - improving British standards
74 Jan-Apr 01 2001 THE TV SERIES TV Post Production Party for new soap 2001 the Series
75 May-Aug 01 W.I.S.H. WEEKEND Animal Sanctuaries
76 Sept-Dec 01 JOY Revitalizing Sanctuary for Mind Body & Soul
77 Jan-Apr 02 KARMA MIRANDA Book Launch for famous children's author's 5th book
78 May-Sep 02 HI CLUB Hi Club-Dating Agency
79 Oct-Dec 02 STRINGERS 21st Birthday Party for Wealthy Socialites daughter
80 Jan-Apr 03 S.A.S.S. Society for the Awareness of Spirits & the Supernatural
81 Apr-Aug 03 THE GOSS Celebrity Magazines Annual Front Cover Bash
82 Sep-Jan 04 F.R.O.G.S. Fellowship Ring of Green Soldiers-Green Political Party
83 Jan-Mar 04 G.R.U.M.P.S Gets Right Up My Proverbial Society-Improving Standards
84 April-Aug 04 FINAL CURTAIN PARTY Happy Death day Party of famous luvvie Maxwell Hart
85 Sept-Jan 05 GOLDIE’S 50TH BIRTHDAY Surprise 50th birthday for Olympic Gold Medallist Susie Gould
86 Jan-Apr 05 BLUE PETER BADGE HOLDERS TV Documentary about Blue Peter Badge holders
87 May-Sept 05 DAISY RE-LAUNCH Daisy famous pop star from the 70's re-launching her career
88 Sept-Jan 06 MAISY’S BABIES Babies of a famous midwife compete on a reality show
89 Jan-April 06 IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC Queen Fan Club Re-union
90 May-Sept 06 RUSH Extreme Sports Club
91 Sept-Jan 07 STAB IN THE DARK Book Launch of Absolute Murder
92 Jan-Mar 07 TICS The Inner Child Society-learn to laugh
93 Feb-Nov 07 DEATH ON THE NILE Special plot for Egyptian Cruise
94 Feb-Nov 07 THE BLACK AND WHITE CO Special Plot for Egyptian Cruise
95 May-Sept 07 STAR-CROSSED LOVERS Special Italian Plot
96 April 13th 07 ABSOLUTE MURDER Special solvable whodunit for my book The Joy of Murder’
97 Apr-Sept 07 BRAVEHEARTS AWARDS Awards Ceremony for People who have saved others lives
98 Sept 07 GREAT ECHO MURDER MYSTERY Special solvable whodunit for the Liverpool Echo
99 Sept-Dec 07 THE WHATNOT SOCIETY Bric-a-brac and Antiques Society
100 Jan-April 08 TAPT The Art of Positive Thinking
101 May-Sept 08 THE THIN BLUE LINE Pre-production team-building weekend of major film
102 October 08 Who Killed the Press Special Australian press plot
103 Sept-Jan 09 MUNCHAMPTON CC 100th Village get together to celebrate the Cricket Clubs 100th
104 Jan-Apr 09 ROOM 101 CLUB Website and Club for Phobia sufferers
105 May-Aug 09 THE WHITE WEDDING Wedding of twice married elder daughter of Lord Fitzgerald
106 Sept-Dec 09 THE YELLOW SUBMARINE CLUB Beatles Fan Club
107 Jan-Apr 10 CAATS Campaign against animal trauma and suffering
108 01/03/10 MURDER MYSTERY OBLINE MARCH 2010 The Other Side
109 May-Aug 10 BIG HIGH BRO High Brow version of the Channel 4 show Big Brother
110 01/10/10 MURDER MYSTERY ONLINE- NOV 2010 A Taste of Murder
111 Sept-Dec 10 THE RETRO QUARTER High class department store selling trendy designer retro products
112 Jan-April 11 KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU Abba Fan Club
113 May-Sept 11 THE CIRCUS OF DRAGONS Circus wedding
114 Oct - Jan 12 MURDER UNLIMITED 30th Birthday Spoof plot to celebrate our birthday
115 Jan-Apr 12 HEARTBREAK HOTEL Elvis themed hotel’s half century celebrations
116 May-Aug 12 THE FIVE RINGERS CLUB Ex Olympic medal winners reunion
117 Sept-Dec 12 JACKSON JARVIS Memorial service for ageing movie star
118 Jan-Apr 13 SCHOOL REUNION Blacksmiths School Reunion centenary celebration for all pupils and staff
119 May-Aug 13 THE QUAIL The Quail Theatre's Fundraising weekend
120 Dec 13 PHOENIX THEATRE Special production for Japanese TV
121 Sept-Dec 13 THE LOVE BUG On line dating agency singles weekend
122 Jan-Apr 14 QUIZZICALS Reunion for TV quiz winners
123 May-Aug 14 HELP Holding Every Life Precious
124 Aug 14-Jan 15 GI JOES American nightclub - Employee's get-together
125 Jan 15-Apr 15 THE BETTER WORLD FOUNDATION Billionaires Estate charities bidding for money
126 May 15-Aug 15 THE BACAs Children's Authors Book Awards
127 Sept 15-Dec 15 THE SHAKEN NOT STIRRED CLUB Weekend for extras of James Bond Films
128 Jan 16-Apr 16 THE INCREADYBLES Inaugural meeting of a Good Deed Society
129 May 16-Aug16 IDEAL HOLMES Living Wake for a famous Sherlock Holmes actor
130 Aug - Jan 17 THE CAS -The Crime Authors Society Special 35th Anniversary Plot
131 Jan -April 17 THE JOYFUL CAFE Members of the Joyful Club
132 May - Aug 17 CHIPPING ST LEONARD'S EGM Tennis Club extraordinary General Meeting
133 Sept - Jan 18 THE MOOK TRAVELLING FAIR Fair travelers season get together
134 Jan - April 18 BIFFT Britain Is Fantastic For Tourism
135 May - Aug 18 THE LUCKY CLUB Gathering of Lucky people celebrating their good fortune
136 Sept -- Jan 19 SOS The Somewhere Over Society Annual Fund raising weekend
137 Jan-April 19 The GA -GA Club Queen Fan Club - The sequel
138 May- Aug 19 HEARTS AND MINDS TV DATING SHOW One Big Happy Family Productions
139 Sept- Jan 20 THE BOREDOM CAFE Board game enthusiasts get together
140 Jan-April HAKUNA MATATA CLUB Elton John fan club
141 Mar 2020 MURDER MYSTERY INVESTIGATIONS Coldcase #1 - Lockdown