Where can I find a Joy Swift’s Original Murder Weekend? Joy Swift runs her Original Murder Weekends at Hotels across England. Dates and Venues of Murder Weekends, open for public booking, are available by clicking here.

Is there any age limit on who can attend?
Guests of all ages are able to participate in the mix of fun, games and sleuthing provided by Joy Swift. The only limit is your ability to keep up with the plot as it twists and turns from 8pm Friday until 12.30 Sunday afternoon. Because of the nature of the plots, some may involve topics and discussions that you may prefer younger teenagers not to participate in – although there won’t be anything more risque than you would see on television in “C.S.I” or “Taggart”. Although we suggest a minimum age of 16 years, we have had younger teenagers who have come with their family, but we would say no younger than 14.

How many do I need to bring in my party? 
Original Murder Weekends are fun whether you are by yourself, with a partner, or in a larger group. Large groups (company team-building, incentives, hen parties, groups of friends) often book on weekends and will sit together as groups on one or more tables. There is no need, however, to arrange to attend an Original Murder Weekend in a group as you will soon meet plenty of like-minded people once the Friday evening Welcome Reception starts.

How much does an Original Murder Weekend cost?  Weekends in 2024 start from £360.00 per person . Unlike other Murder Mystery Events, which often only provide action at night over dinner, this includes a full Murder Programme which is continuous from Friday evening until Sunday morning. The Weekend also includes all your meals, including Saturday lunch and cream tea, a party night on Saturday, and a plot enacted by the professional Murder Weekend team, which will provide several victims and suspects for you to interrogate.

Are you able to provide a Murder Weekend for corporate entertainment or team building?  Subject to a minimum number (60 guests), Joy Swift can tailor an Original Murder Weekend to fit in with the requirements of a company booking. Please contact Geri to discuss your requirements.

How can I contact Joy Swift directly?
You can contact Joy Swift’s Original Murder Weekends by telephoning 0151 924 1124 or by e-mailing Geri directly: geri@murder.co.uk.

Do guests play a part?  Unlike some inferior murder mystery events, all character roles are played by a cast of professional Murder Weekend actors. Each plot has a theme that enables guests to make up their ‘cover story’ but no ‘secret information’ is given to any guest before or during the weekend. Your role during the weekend is to act as a private investigator – a ‘Miss Marple’ or ‘Hercule Poirot’ – questioning the suspects, watching the incidents, and, perhaps, discovering the bodies. Guests are not required to act on weekends nor to be put into sleuthing teams, and will be eliminated from police enquiries, although sometimes remain a major suspect in their fellow guests’ eyes!