What’s it all about?

If you’re looking for your 1st or 131st Original Murder Weekend, you will never be disappointed by the originality and variety of the storylines. With a blend of deductive reasoning, light-hearted games and camaraderie, Joy’s weekends are addictive and ideal for individuals, couples and groups to attend.

Joy Swift’s Original Murder Weekends are now in their highly successful 43rd year. They guarantee realism, excitement, fun and lots and lots of laughter.


The clues are abundant, the rows are explosive and the suspect’s skeletons are tumbling out of their closets – all in front of your very eyes! The plot is so complex you will be busy detecting until the early hours of Sunday morning.



You arrive at your delightful hotel, anticipating the fun, exciting and very eventful weekend ahead. Whilst enjoying the company of your fellow guests over a splendid three course dinner, a shot rings out, a blood-curdling scream rends the night air, and to your horror you realise that the charming person sitting next to you has just been shot!

A ghastly murder has been committed, police are racing to the scene, and your instincts as a mystery buff tell you that there is a crime to be solved.

But your Original Murder Weekend has only just begun – that victim is the first of many that will be deviously despatched over the next two days.

Will you be able to nail the murderer and win one of our coveted trophies? Every four months there is a new plot, wherein actors play central characters and you, the guest, become involved in the theme (which will be explained in the letter sent to you a month before your weekend).