What the guests wrote

Extracts from some guests’ thank you letters


I have been doing Murder Weekends for 32 years and in all that time have never found a short break that is so entertaining, so brain-boggling, so deliciously devious and so utterly enjoyable from start to finish.
David Guest, East Sheen, London


As a lifelong Agatha Christie fan, it was a dream come true to discover that I too could become part of that world. Having never been on a murder mystery weekend before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be so intense, complex, fiendishly difficult, absorbing and such incredible fun!
Jacqueline Casson, Abergele, North Wales


After a stressful house move, a girlie weekend away was much needed. My sisters and niece decided on Joy Swift’s Original Murder Weekends and we were not disappointed. We laughed near on constantly for 48 hours and I came home more relaxed than I have ever been. Best weekend ever!
Anna Williams, Hanbury, Staffs


I love when you get that lightbulb moment and complete the seemingly impossible jigsaw.
Simon Bird, St Albans, Herts


Your Murder Weekends are an amazing and great way to escape life’s responsibilities just for a few days. Joy you’re a genius!
Nicola Higgins, Manchester, Lancashire


If only I were as clever as Joy and I could come up with something ingenious, iniquitous, inscrutable, incestuous (sometimes!), impassioned, imponderable, incessant, inebriated (or is that just me?), incorrigible, inexhaustible and infectious with an amazing twist at the end!
Jo Goode, Batley, West Yorkshire


Firstly, this is highly unusual for me to be writing an email that is not a complaint!!!!! So excuse me if I get a little gushy – but WOW!!!! This weekend was the first ever murder mystery weekend that my friend and I had ever been to and we had no idea what to expect. I was a little sceptical but from the moment I stepped in to the ‘The bubble’ of your murder mystery world, family, Facebook and the outside world ceased to exist. The twists, turns and red herrings made my brain ache, all my conversation with the other guests revolved around the questions, Who? And why? (and occasionally another drink?). Your plot line, clues, characters, games and theme of the whole weekend had sucked me in completely. Your weekends are incredible and I can’t recommend or praise them highly enough. You, your amazing talent and your whole team (and the hotel) have given me a weekend to remember forever and I can’t wait to come again and look forward to booking soon. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for a hugely enjoyable weekend.
Mrs V Brown, Harlow, Essex


….before we knew better we went on a ‘Murder Mystery Weekend’ and it turned out to be just a jokey murder dinner with overnight accommodation. We were reluctant to try another but as you were the original and the content sounded very different, we thought we’d take a chance. What a difference and what amazing value for money considering the entertainment, food service, fun and murderous activities started at 8.00 on Friday and didn’t finish until the summing up at midday on Sunday. It was fantastic and we can’t wait for the new plot to start so that we can return.
Chris and Hannah Peratopoullos, Epsom, Surrey


Thank you so much for organising and hosting last weekend at Selsdon Park. What a great time we had! You really are a wonder. How you managed to get round to chat to everyone and make us all feel so special as if we had been friends for ages I do not know how you managed it but you did.  What a gift you have! Everything was really good.  The hotel, food, staff, bedrooms but without you it would not have had the same sense of being part of a very special weekend. Thank you very much and we shall see you again of that I have no doubt!
Ruth McDougall, Hornchurch, Essex


I celebrated my 50th in December and all year I am having little parties for various members of family and friends instead of one big one. I wanted my closest family to experience your Murder Weekends for themselves and I can not describe the joy I got from them enjoying it as much as they did and the whole thing for me was a huge success.
John Marshall, Bournemouth, Dorset


My husband and I have just come home from our first ‘Original Murder Weekend” at Dorking. We are both quite cynical and picky but can find nothing but praise for the brilliant weekend we have enjoyed. We found the venue, plot, clues, games, food and cast to be perfect. We have had so much fun and entertainment, and absolutely everyone, of all ages, on our weekend said the same. If anyone is thinking of booking ……Don’t hesitate ……it’s fabulous.
Mr and Mrs Hollis, Kenley, Surrey


We have had a bit of a sad 6 weeks or so, having lost a very dear friend and one or two other personal family problems, to come away for such a lovely weekend was just the tonic that we needed. I don’t think we have laughed so much, it was so good.
Mr B Fray, Minster Sheerness, Kent 


We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful Murder Weekend at Old Windsor. A Murder mystery may not be the obvious choice for a hen weekend but boy did we have fun
Beth Woodger, Woking, Surrey


Words are never good enough when one tries to describe feelings, but we had the most wonderful time. You have a very talented crew but I think what made the event so special was their passion, enthusiasm and their obvious enjoyment. How else could they put so much into bringing your incredible creation to life.
Mr G Gregory, Waltham Abbey, Essex

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The best fun you can possibly have doing something legal involving heinous crimes!
Kathryn Groombridge, Birmingham, West Midlands


My wife and I were bought a Murder Weekend as a present from our son, and we have had a most enjoyable weekend. We have been treated so well by the cast, fellow guests and hotel staff. 10/10 weekend.
Mr and Mrs Hinton, Brandon, Suffolk


What a fantastic weekend ….. I have never laughed so much and had such fun trying to work out the twists and turns of the complex plot.
Mandy Westwood, Evesham, Worcs


Having been lucky enough to have attended one of your weekends before, it was as well organised and enjoyable as I remembered and my wife and all our friends, whose first experience it was, were raving about the whole event; which I’m sure we’ll be repeating very soon.
Rick Callaghan, Bracknell, Berkshire


A fantastic weekend, the atmosphere was like a party for grow-ups where everyone can act like kids – non stop laughter and mayhem!
Alison Morren, Minehead, Somerset


The intricacies of the plot left us both with aching heads (but in a good way!) and bags under the eyes after two late finishes. The execution of the story was pretty much faultless from where I stood—there were laughs aplenty and the guests were a jolly nice bunch of people (but, of course!) Here’s to the next 30 years!
Mr and Mrs Sexton, Crayford, Kent


When I was told I was going on a Murder Weekend with my wife’s family, I couldn’t think of anything worse. I have a natural aversion to amateur dramatics and couldn’t think of anything more painful than being around people pretending to be involved in a silly story. Up until Friday, I was dreading the weekend away. I could not have been more wrong. The experience was far from amateur and the chill of the chase was so intoxicating, I loved every minute! I did fear telling everyone how much I loved it because of the expected ‘I told you so’ comments, but it was seriously good fun. I cannot wait for the next time!
Jamie Douglas, Newbury, Berks


We had such a great time and speant most of it laughing (warped sense of humour). My husband said that it was the most memorable anniversary we have ever had. That was quite something considering we have spent it in Antigua, Cuba and Mexico amongst others!
Terry & Lynn Plimmer, Rickmansworth, Herts


Just wanted to drop you an email this morning to thank you for a fantastic weekend.  It was my second murder mystery weekend but the first was not with your company – the difference was incredible! This time around, I found myself fully submerged in the plot. So much so, I have to admit that – particularly after a few glasses of wine I was confusing it with reality! As you can imagine this was much to my friends’ amusement, but I hope you would see it as a very strong team of actors!! The more I got chatting to the actors the more I believed in them.  The whole programme over the weekend was engineered to perfection, a full schedule and also time to relax and have a weekend away from it all. You put it perfectly when you said we’d “been in a bubble” all weekend.  I have 2 young children and a very hectic life.  This was pure escapism! Anyhow – you’ve clearly been doing it a long time and it is a very professional outfit. Well done. Thank you.
Kate Chaffey, Bishops Stortford, Herts


I just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you one more time for the brilliance of your plot last weekend. To say I loved it would be an understatement … I knew it was going to be fun but I hadn’t dared guess quite how much fun! You and your team did a brilliant job. I haven’t stopped talking about it!
Dr G Sik, Epsom, Surrey


This is our first Murder Weekend and it’s been fabulous. Great price and great entertainment value. It was so well organised and much much better than anticipated!!
Mrs K Masters, Ormskirk, Lancs


We have just got back from another of your fantastic Murder Weekends. As always, the plot was fiendishly intricate and littered with ‘red herrings’ but amazingly I did manage to unravel the relevant pieces of information and avoid the clever traps to end up with the right solution.
Mrs O. Marlborough, Basildon, Essex